Let's Talk TPP

Let's Talk TPP

  Send the Let’s Talk TPP report to your MP and tell them to commit to open, progressive trade

We’ve heard loud and clear: the TPP is a bad deal for Canadians, and secretive agreements that follow its framework will inevitably produce the same results.


Right now, decision-makers are exploring their next steps on critical negotiations with Canada’s largest trading partners. We need to ensure that all future trade agreements embrace transparency and genuine public engagement to put the interests of Canadians before those of corporate lobbyists.


This is your best chance to let your MP and Minister of International Trade François-Philippe Champagne know where you stand. Use this tool to send our report today.

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The TPP has been a disaster for Canada. After five years of negotiations and untold millions spent, the agreement has fallen apart in the face of widespread public outrage from citizens in every TPP nation. 

Thousands of you shared your views with the government during TPP consultations — and now it’s time to see them take action based on your feedback. 

In 2017 alone, Canada will begin to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), enter talks for a free trade agreement with China, and explore opening a direct trade relationship with the U.K. We cannot afford to let these critical conversations follow the same flawed path as the TPP. 

We urgently need to move towards a new framework for negotiating trade, one that rebuilds public trust in government processes, and invites Canadians to be genuine partners in consultation. 

The time is now to ensure our approach produces open, progressive trade. 


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